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Apr 10, 2022
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No market will miss out on the preferences of young people. Collector Ma Weidu once said that in the early morning in Beijing, two places are the most lively, one is Tiananmen Square and the other is Panjiayuan. Young people who grew up in the Internet age also gathered online in the early morning. "Big leak, dear friends! A series of round Maitreya bracelets, starting from yuan us one hand, go! Go and shoot, you will definitely catch the leak! a pair of hands in white cotton gloves is displaying a bracelet carved in the shape of Maitreya Buddha. In the end, within the two-minute countdown, the Maitreya bracelet was sold at a price of 165 yuan through three price increases. Cheng Kaiyu said that there are very few streaming shots in the live broadcast room. As the anchor said "start shooting", a row of information appeared at the bottom of the screen, including the item number, picture, starting amount, plus one lot, plus more lots, etc. Above the information, there was a 2-minute countdown to the shot. This is a live online auction. The first lot is the price increase set by the seller. For example for the first lot, which means that the starting price is increased by this is accumulated the special leads evolution of organizational links. In this competition to reform organization and management catalyzed by the special leads epidemic, how should enterprises choose online office software that is suitable for their own business can employees use office software to make their work before the countdown is over, the last person to increase the price will get the bracelet and go to pay. "Cheng Kaiyu introduced, "The live broadcast of other platforms is similar. There are still fewer people now, and more at night. It is worth noting that at around 2 pm on weekdays, the number of online viewers in the live broadcast room recommended by Cheng Kaiyu was At nearly 12 o’clock that night, Ben Lun Finance entered the live broadcast room again, and the number of online viewers was close to Through the enthusiastic recommendation of Wenwan anchors, the analysis of Wenwan's professional terminology, and the urgency of other buyers to continue to increase prices while the auction is counting down, it has created an atmosphere for young people who are new to the Wenwan industry. Actually, after receiving the goods, it's just like that, but in the live broadcast room, there are only 2 minutes of thinking time, and it's very easy to get a headache Especially, there are still people who keep increasing the price
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