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= You decide what matters. What you experience can only have an effect on you if you make it matter.

= If I find 10,000 ways something doesn’t work that’s not a failure.. every wrong thing discarded is a another step forward.

= You can re-create yourself anyway at anytime. Change your idea of who you are and your perception of the universe changes too.

= When you give away the power of self-validation to others your ego runs an ever greater risk of not being fulfilled in a way that helps you remain peaceful.

= Like the sun, you emit energy that effects everything it comes in contact with

= the greatest human fear is the interpretation of events to mean “you are nothing.” Drives the ego nuts.

= Compulsive behavior: The brain is in constant search for self-validation and balance

= Resistance is the root of all human suffering. It runs counter to acceptance and love; the essence of the creative universe

= the reason for fear and resistance: “”who will I be if I am not who I am right now?” Your I AM’s declare the story of who you are; the story ferociously protected by your ego. Fear will arise anytime there’s a chance of losing a significant piece of what gives one the sense of being alive.

= the only approval and acceptance you ever need in your life is your own

= If you focus only on what you fear, you’ll be as blind as if in the center of a storm

= How does it feel to be at peace, offer a smile and see it shift someone else’s state of mind?

= The only control you ever have is over yourself. When you come to this understanding, you can transform your world.

= Free yourself from the need or any acceptance other than your own

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