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Robert Mercier
Aug 29, 2018
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i have been through a very stressful situation since 2016 because there is a man on the website who calls himself slicktop his real name is dennis hastings that has had 2 dvd's since 2016 that feature the tv broadcast on them of the reds at mets may 11 1986 baseball game. as far as i know it unless i'm wrong there seems to be no one else that has these dvd's other than this man. and this man has been refusing to give me these dvd's since 2016 and it has nothing to do with money. it has to do with him being someone that if you make 1 mistake with him he writes you off for good. and because i made 1 mistake with him where i cursed at him he has written me off for good because he is basically a grudge holder, even when i told him i was sorry for cursing at him i still can't get a 2nd chance with him, and this has been just pure torture for me having to go since 2016 without these dvd's, so i hope someone in this site can help me with this?

Robert Mercier

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