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Aug 20, 2018
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It's only recently that I've become aware that it's okay to say something about anxiety.  Some of my closest peers know that it impacts my life, but none of them knew without me telling them.  Once they knew, nothing changed - in a good way.  It allowed me to be myself more freely, if nothing else.  What I'm really here to say, though, is that each day, it's my own self that provides the comfort and peace within my mind and body.  Yes, I continue to grow my mind and body each day, but I also felt pressure to be different (or what I thought was "better") than what my anxiety made me.  Once I began accepting anxiety as part of my best self, I began realizing that it was okay - it just needed to be cared for regularly.  Once I started to learn how to care for myself better, the anxiety was simply part of my life - I am no longer trying to shed it, or run from it, I'm just trying to take good care of it.  As an avid Mets fan, I can make the analogy of finding peace in being a fan through thick and thin, rather than seeking only championship seasons and being angry otherwise.    Thank you, Josh, for creating this platform.  I'm not sure if this entry will connect to many people, but I felt compelled to put some thoughts down and share. 


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