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md bayezid hosin
Apr 09, 2022
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from objective third parties can help overcome these limitations. For example, it's one thing to say your business is a great place to work. It's quite another to have an award from a respected industry association or publication that promotes your company as the best place to work.8. Talent AssessmentOnce you attract talent, how will you evaluate them? Assessing talent can be difficult as there can be a variety of criteria, some of which may be conflicting due to factors such as short and long term needs. What may not be sol as well as current and relevant skills and experience. Keep in mind current and future regulatory requirements that apply, depending on your industry and timeline.9. PromotionsOnce you have determined what expertise you will promote, you will need to determine how you will promote it. How are you going to make your firm and your experts visible? Of employee email list course, there is no shortage of paid recruitment sites. But think bigger. Try to leverage social media not just to recruit for a vacancy, but also to spread awareness and appreciation of your unique expertise, work environment, and value. Clearly explain why top talent would want to work at your company.10. Policy alignmentHaving covered the previous nine key elements of a successful talent acquisition strategy, don't get caught between your desired culture and your formal policies. Do you have policies in place that make your company a great place to work? Are they in contradiction with your strategy? Do your policies encourage your staff to share their expertise and become more visible or do they actually discourage them? What flexibility is there? Policy

md bayezid hosin

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