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My name is Josh Lewin. I am, among other things, a radio and TV sportscaster, and (spoiler alert!) I have dealt with anxiety and depression for a good part of my life.


It has been estimated recently that 18.4 million other Americans deal with some form of these challenges as well – and it’s powerful to understand that’s exactly what anxiety and depression are.  Challenges.

Like many other challenges in our lives to navigate; from traffic to head colds to surprising bouts of rain.  However, this particular challenge can threaten your well-being and pollute the environment of your friends and family.  It deserves our attention.  It is not to be shrugged off or ignored.  And there is absolutely no shame in coming forward; in fact, I would suggest, there is honor.  Courage.  It’s okay to have to deal with this challenge.  And certainly, you’re not alone.


This website submits that overcoming and actually slaying the anxiety/depression monsters is best left for another day.  (These monsters love to eat, and they appear at rather inconvenient times, I suspect you’d agree.)  Sometimes it helps just to know you’re among friends; that indeed, you’re not walking this road by yourself.  So for today, since there’s comfort in company, let’s simply take a page from the wonderfully stupid movie “Ted” and round up some Thunder Buddies.

It’s a goofy analogy I admit, but while being frightened of thunder is pretty natural; most of us pretend it’s no big thing.  Well, whatever a “big thing” is to you – whatever is threatening, scary or sad – there is solace in knowing you are absolutely not alone.  I am collecting stories – hopefully ones that will inspire you in some small way – from people you may have heard of in the fields of athletics and entertainment.  I’ve found that things are always easier once you’ve found your “wolf pack;” (to quote from another wonderfully stupid movie, “The Hangover.”)  So, welcome to this particular wolf pack. It’s awesome to have you here!


Please scroll through the “Words of Wisdom” section when you have time to do so. I have spent the last 12 years inhaling information and inspiration from some of the experts in the field… and the notes I’ve taken have now been transcribed so they can be shared with everyone else.  Some of the “wisdom” may not resonate with you, and I take no offense if that’s the case.  But if even one or two pieces of advice makes a difference for you going forward, please feel free to let me know.  And to share with someone in your life who may be struggling too. There’s no shortage of us, it appears ;)

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